Where Mission Meets Application…

RMDG has a history of success across a wide variety of real estate development fields including multifamily, residential, commercial and mixed use developments. Today we specialize exclusively in the acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable multifamily housing communities.

Two Primary Acquisition Strategies

Straight Acquistions »: A Focus on Blending Shareholder Value with Affordable Housing.

Tax Credit Acquisitions »: A Focus on Resident, Asset and Community Revitalization.

Our acquisitions specialists use a comprehensive, detailed and proven underwriting process to ensure new projects will adhere to our mission.  We bring private and public partnerships, an in-depth understanding of financing tools and a practical approach to future capital needs to our two key acquisition strategies. Click below to see a diagram for a broad overview of how the various stakeholders are inter-linked and how the equity sourcing and return profiles for each of the two acquisition strategies differ.

Click Here For a Flow Chart of Straight Vs. Tax Credit Acquisitions »