Blending Private Equity & Affordable Housing Preservation

Blending government-backed debt and private investment to acquire and hold existing affordable housing communities for future re-syndication.


For those properties that do not have significant capital needs and are not at risk of losing their affordability component (use restrictions), we utilize an acquisition model that relies on government backed loans and private investment capital.  This niche investment model allows us to leverage our expertise in LIHTC and HUD regulations with our contact base of large national sellers to acquire LIHTC projects that are past their 15-year initial tax credit compliance period. In select cases we are also able to use this model to purchase properties that benefit from Project Based Section 8 rental subsidy. 

Private Investment

The intent of these investments is to provide our investing  partners with annual market-rate cash-on-cash return / internal rate of return while warehousing the asset for possible future re-syndication, sale or refinance. Learn more about private investment opportunities ». Our underwriting and pricing of each asset is based off the cost of our investing partners capital, historic rental operations, a thorough analysis of current and future capital expenditures, realistic disposition assumptions and a close inspection of how net sales proceeds are allocated in the event we need to facilitate the restructuring of the “back end” dispositions schedule between general and limited partners. 

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Orchard Park Apartments, Salem OR