Bricks and Mortar

Diligent and effective asset management leads to asset growth and resident prosperity and the inverse doubly true. Simply put, there is no more important component to our company.

Asset Management

Our asset management team acts as an Owner’s advocate to the regional, or in-house, property management companies we contract with to manage the day-to-day operations of our various multifamily communities. It’s a complex job description, spanning several professions, and critically important to the long-term health of our projects.


  • Communicating Management Expectations & Monitoring Performance
  • Identifying & Implementing Value Add Opportunities
  • Long-Range Operational Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Operational Revenue & Expense Analysis & Reporting
  • Compliance Monitoring & Legal Representation
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Process
  • Capital Improvement Evaluation & Implementation
  • Strategic Disposition or Refinancing Analysis
  • Resident Services & Relations
  • Macro and Micro Economic Trend Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Oversight