Social Responsibility Across All Projects

Many low-income families living in affordable housing need social services of the kind found in supportive or transitional housing – job training and placement, child care, and other social services — as well as help ridding their communities of crime and drug abuse. However, they do not qualify as needing intensive social services through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other sources, available for the homeless and handicapped.” - National Resident Services Collaborative (NRSC) »

Resident Services And Tax Credit Projects

Projects acquired with Tax Credits, and thus receiving Federal, State and Local subsidy, most often have either a part-time or full-time resident services coordinator on-site. In such cases it’s relatively easy from an Owner’s perspective to provide residents with the services they need to better themselves in the communities in which they live.

Resident Serices And Straight Acquisition Projects

In America, most affordable housing projects without subsidized funding offer little-to-no resident services. We created our Resident Services Division, an extension of our Asset Management Program, to improve and increase the delivery of resident services for families and seniors in our Straight Acquisition Projects. Our asset managers work with agencies such as NRSC to identify the services that are most critically needed by our residents, search out the best non-profit partners for implementation and work to manage the programs with on-site staff. The process is as fluid, creative and dynamic as the field itself and we find tremendous opportunities are available even without subsidized funding and grants.