More Than Just Lip Service

As owner’s and managers of apartment communities we focus on where we can make the biggest sustainable impact; energy / water consumption and resident welfare.

Water and Energy Consumption

We were in business when the modern day green building and sustainability movement took root and have our own conception about what is sustainable and what is simply “green washing”, or trendy advertising. We feel a model must be replicable in order to be sustainable and that all developers have a social and environmental responsibility to use whatever methodology is available to them. For RMDG, the opportunities to reduce our water and energy consumptions grow every year with new acquisitions and technology.

  • A simple method of conserving water, such as swapping to low volume toilets on turns or resident die-tests, can save millions of gallons of water across all our projects each year.
  • Changing to compact fluorescent lighting, automatic light switches, proper sealing of windows and doors, best insulation practices, etc. can reduce our energy consumption by a third.

Dynamic Opportunities

When acquiring a project with tax credits its often feasible to make grand sweeping changes to systems affecting water and energy consumption due to the large scope in physical rehabilitation. However, a new straight acquisition project may require a strategic five year plan given the more limited up-front resources. Regardless of the acquisition method and timing, we strive to make practical, replicable and in many cases, profitable decisions to increase the sustainability of our projects. We also utilize third-party companies to provide energy audits and efficiency services to assist us in our strategic sustainability planning.